salad with grilled cod



what you need

cos salad





300g cod


extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper

1-2 pcs garlic

how to make it

  • chop the garlic and set aside
  • Wash vegetables(duh!) I suggest homegrown or organic vegetable and rinse them shortly under running water because the vitamins will be gone if you soak them.And cut the salad and tomatoes
  • slice fennel and mushroom
  • grill fennel on a pan(no oil needed) then mushroom
  • just wipe the nonstick pan with cloth then put in a tablespoon of butter to pan fry cod.Always put skin side down and wait.Cook at medium heat.Flip the fish just once or twice otherwise you will break it.
  • Now put salad in a bowl and follow by grilled fennel and mushroom.Put the fish on top, poor over the leftover butter from the pan in a bowl
  • finally put in garlic and pour extra virgin olive oil over the salad(I normally use about 4 Tbsp sometimes more) and season it with salt and pepper


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