baked cod in butter


cod fillet

grass-fed butter

turmeric powder

chilli powder


salt and pepper

How to make it

easy peasy

Just cut butter into  chunks and throw them on cod fillet and shove it in the oven.Bake at 180c until done.Maybe about 10 mins.

How do u know if the fish is cooked? It depends on the type of fish.Fish with high fat content takes just short time and low heat to cook.If the fish is low in fat and the meat is dense then it takes longer to cook and needs higher heat.

How to check if it’s done.Use your feelings and touch it.Or stick a fork in it and feel the consistency of the  fish,if the fork goes through easily then it’s done.Overcooked fish is dry and not delicious.

Practice is the key.If you don’t get it right the first time then try it again and again and again.

During this 10 mins baking time u can wash dishes, prep salad or do something else.

When the fish is cooked take out of the oven and season with salt, pepper,turmeric powder and chilli powder(optional)

How to increase turmeric bioavailability
– use it with black pepper
– Cook it with heat
– Use it with oil(fat)



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