mango lassi

ร้อนๆ แบบ นี้ ต้องดื่ม mango lassi ให้ชื่นใจ

what you need 



bar mixer

a bowl

How to make it

1.Get kefir and mango

2.Pour kefir in the mango bowl.How much? Maybe 1 cup kefir per 1 pc mango.You can add more kefir anytime if it’s too sweet.

3.Use bar mixer to blend.Start at the low level,otherwise you will have to clean up a lot later 🙂

4.Like making baby food, just puree it

5.Et voilá.Don’t forget to test it.If it’s too sweet then add more kefir but if it’s too sour then add more mango or just drink it as it is. 😉


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