milk kefir

What is kefir
Kefir is fermented milk using kefir grains to culture.Kefir grains are white gelatinous particles that contain bacteria and yeast mixture clumped together with casein(milk protein) and polysaccharide (complex sugar).They look like small cauliflower.

Benefits of kefir
1.Good source of probiotics that is even better than yogurt.Because it contains more than 30 strains of microorganisms.But the amount of them also depends on how you culture it(every batch is different)
And the host is also important.That means the survival rates of these microorganisms in your body also depends on you.
2.Good source of nutrients – such as protein, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, calcium, phosphorus and small amount of magnesium
3.It has antibacterial properties.Probiotic Lactobacillus kefiri can inhibit the growth of some bacteria

What you need
1.kefir grains
2.plastic strainer
3.plastic spoon jar paper or a piece of cloth

How to make a kefir milk
1.Put a cup of milk in a glass jar with 1tbsp of kefir grains

2.Cover with coffee paper and leave it overnight at the room temperature(20-25c)
3.Check the consistency.If it’s thick enough then strain

4.Strain the kefir grains using plastic strainer

5.Put kefir grains in the new glass jar and pour in a fresh cup of milk.(repeat step 1.)

6.Keep strained kefir milk refrigerated


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