I am a health coach using primal blueprint principles by Mark Sisson plus some biohacking method from dr.Jack Kruse and some chemical biology knowledge such as aging process,micronutrients and vitamin D from dr.Rhonda Patrick(foundmyFitness).Moreover I add meditation, yoga, and law of attraction to my lifestyle.Because healthy life consists of healthy mind, body and soul.

Cooking has always been my passion since I was 12.Here you will also find many easy recipes for healthy dishes and green smoothies for optimal health.

I went to 2 universities.First I tried law school but after a while I found that it wasn’t what I want so I quit then I studied German and developmental psychology at another university.Then I went to culinary school in Switzerland to pursue my passion for cooking and worked as a hotel chef for a while.

Body image was one of my big problem in the past.I tried to lose weight the wrong way many times, from starving myself to eat and puke and had strict low-fat diet together with excessive gym workout.I was slightly overweighted and sluggish then I was underweight and still sluggish. After that I was fit but  still wasn’t feeling happy with myself.

I kept changing my lifestyle, looking for happiness.My new journey started when I found Primal blueprint  plus the practicing of yoga and meditation.I started to learn how to love myself(yes, after 40 years I just learned how to do it recently) and enjoy life.From healthy delicious food to fun workout and social connection.And most importantly love and accept myself the way I am.

Now I want to share with you what helps me beat eating disorder and having self-loathing mindset.I hope I can help some of the girls to overcome  the same problem I had in the past about body-image and trying to lose weight the wrong way.